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How can Reach100 help my business?

Our employees are our most valuable assets – but their value to our businesses depends ultimately on their health and wellbeing.  To assist employees in attaining and maintaining good health, many employers are recognising the benefits of introducing preventative health schemes such as regular health checks, and lifestyle benefits including corporate discounts on gym memberships.  These are also perceived as a valuable incentive when attracting staff in a tight recruitment market.

Reach100 takes this concept a step further. Doctors can now assess the very building blocks of health and wellbeing – DNA – using groundbreaking research into how damage to our genes can affect our health.   

By providing your employees with the opportunity to undertake a Reach100 program, you will allow them to map their own health pathways.

Reach100 is a medical clinic offering a new approach to preventative and anti-ageing medicine. It offers a range of medical testing, and is the first clinic in the world to offer the Genome Health Analysis test developed by leading Australian scientists and acclaimed by the medical community around the world.