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How can Reach100 assist in caring for your patients?

As a health expert, you know the state of your health and that of your patients depends a great deal on how well we look after ourselves. While it can become very apparent when a patient is sick, it is often hard to know if they are doing enough to prevent illness.

Science is making this problem easier for doctors to overcome.

Using groundbreaking research into how damage to our genes can affect our health, Reach100 can now assess the very building blocks of health and wellbeing – DNA.

Reach100 is a medical clinic offering a new approach to preventative and anti-ageing medicine.  It offers a range of medical testing, and is the first clinic in the world to offer Genome Health Analysis - a tool that gives you a scientific glimpse into you patient’s future health, and one that can send a message that prevention is better than cure.

Genome Health Analysis - a test developed by leading Australian scientists which has caught the interest of the world’s medical community because it allows clinicians to  investigate the very building blocks of their patients health, their DNA.

Research shows that as the body ages, it makes poorer copies of its DNA and such damage can cause a patient’s health to suffer. Genome Health Analysis Reach100 allows you as a clinician to identify any such damage, put in place practices such as dietary changes to help your patient repair their DNA and improve their health.