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The Health Checks

What does Reach100 tell my patients?

You and your patients have a number of options when choosing to undertake a Reach100 program.

  1. Initial Consultation

Our doctors will give your patients will receive information about scientifically proven risk assessment and disease prevention strategies. Your patients will receive a comprehensive list of individualised recommendations for which to choose your next step.

  1. Genome Health Package

Science is showing that as we age, our bodies start making poorer copies of our DNA.  Thanks to the development of Genome Health Analysis, we can now determine the extent of DNA damage through a simple blood test, and make recommendations as to how to reduce damage to your patients’ DNA.

By choosing the Genome Health Package, Reach100 patients can have a Genome Health Analysis without the other tests involved in the Comprehensive Health Package (below).   As part of this test, we will check the levels of important micronutrients in their blood.  Micronutrients include red cell folate, serum folate and Vitamin B12 - all essential to the body’s ability to replicate healthy DNA, as well as to brain function and the generation of red blood cells. We will also test their ability to process folate.  Reach100 doctors will then make recommendations about the health of your patients’ DNA, based on the results of these tests.

All that’s required of your patient is a visit to the Reach100 clinic, a blood test and completion of a consent form and a health questionnaire.

  1. Genome Health Follow-up

Four months after their initial test, we recommend your patient return to Reach100 for  follow-up analysis to monitor any changes in their DNA, with a view to fine-tuning diet, exercise and/or supplements, if required.

  1. Comprehensive Health Package

Choosing Reach100’s Comprehensive Health Package gives you and your patient a complete Health Report - all from one blood sample!  Their fundamental health status will be checked with the Genome Health Analysis described above, but testing will be enhanced to include a broad range of blood tests for conditions including anaemia, cell degeneration, cholesterol, diabetes, heart abnormalities, impaired liver function, and even cancers.  On the basis of these tests, Reach100 will be able to provide patients with a comprehensive vision of their future health outlook and lifestyle, dietary and exercise recommendations to manage it.  Plus, after four months, they’ll be entitled to the Genome Health Follow-up at no extra cost.

The Reach100 Comprehensive Health Package tests include:

Full Blood Examination

Electrolytes and Liver Function Tests

Blood Glucose Level

Serum Lipids

C- Reactive Protein

Thyroid Function Tests

Vitamin B 12, serum folate and red cell folate

Plasma Total Homocysteine

MTHFR (Methyl Tetra HydroFolate Reductase)

Protein Specific Antigen

Faecal occult blood test


Pap Smear (if required)


If you believe your patient requires additional specialist testing, we can arrange for the specialist tests and appointments they require, including:





Stress ECG

Spiral CT