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The Process

Once your patient has undergone the Reach100 program, Reach100 doctors will develop a series of recommendations which take into account the results of their Genome Health Analysis as well as your patient’s age, gender and medical history.

These may include accepted screening tests for a wide variety of diseases; any further investigations that may be necessary; and referral to appropriate medical specialists and a dietitian where needed. Supplementation with micronutrients may also be recommended.

Reach100 will provide you with a streamlined, efficient service where specialist appointments are arranged within a conveniently short time – to the benefit of your patient and without placing any burden on your administrative or professional resources.

Our administrative team will make the calls for your patient and organise all their appointments. We will ensure all of your patient’s appointments are as close together as possible, so they spend the minimum amount of time in waiting rooms. And the staff at your busy surgery will get some relief from the administrative tasks associated with all of these tests.

However, we regard the relationship between you and your patient as sacrosanct. At the end of the testing process, you will receive a full report on your patient’s health status with your patient’s permission.  Reach100 will comply with all patient confidentiality and privacy laws.